Wednesday, July 9, 2008

PROTON - rocky's bru: Forgotten Saga

I have always believe that the idea of the creation of PROTON is one of the best idea ever mooted. For that I can proundly say that I had owned one of the first car with the registration number BCG 2020. Thinking about it later on, I regretted letting it go especially the number, but than again what is past is past.
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rocky's bru: Forgotten Saga

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Political Scenario

It is a sad scenario that befalls our beloved country. We are blessed with so much, and yet the human character are not doing justice to what Allah had given us. Foreigners legal and illegal make a point to come here because of what we have, beautiful beaches, cool hilltops, fantastic fauna and flora, multi cultural and multi religious environment, lots of sunshines and rains as well. You name it we have it, except for man made snow instead of the real one.
What about food? In all of my travelling which anyway is not that much, you can find all sorts ... probably not that exotic one (life monkey brain ... kinda thing). It is a food heaven.
Talk about opportunity, if you see so many foreigner serving you, be it at the petrol station, airport, hotel, picking garbage, cutting grass, clearing drains ... you know there are working opportunity, not to mentioned food stalls and 'pasar malam'. Oh yes the wet market, you see them every where.
So back to the political scenario, now we are world famous for somebody being blown up with C4 and after 10 years another "s____y" case. How I wish, this kind of news never ever destroy the essence of Malaysia. Please people ... think MALAYSIA FIRST, if a leader who leads get a country with such bad reputation how can you be proud. The recent election prove that people are not happy, and this type of situation only will make it worst.
Remember ... the saying, we do not inherit this country, we borrowed it from our children.