Wednesday, August 31, 2011


54 Tahun yang lalu, Union Jack di turunkan, maka berkibarlah Bendera ini, sekarang Jalur Gemilang berkibar megah ... tapi masih banyak yang perlu perbaiki, masih banyak yang perlu berubah ... perjalanan masih jauh.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Aidil Fitri 1432 - 2011

Hari ini, kita merayakan Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. Setelah sebulan Ramadhan berpuasa, kita merayakan hari ini dengan gembira.

Ada banyak Rumah Terbuka di seluruh negara, kalau rajin cari dan sanggup beratur kalau rumah yang ramai "peminat", tak kiralah Raja, Pemimpin juga pelakon atau penyanyi. Bagi anak-anak adalah dapat "Duit Raya", makan kuih dan minum air gas.

Masa untuk mengeratkan silaturrahim, tapi memandangkan lagi satu raya tak lama lagi, maka akan adalah mereka yang lebih ghairah nak jumpa sana sini ... maklumlah Pilihanraya.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

IF its TRUE ... can they be charged with TREASON?

All this story about people who are not entitle to citizenship are getting one. Morning MyPR afternoon MyKAD. If this is not true, and this people are deserving because they wants to be a Malaysian, as they denounce their former country and ever willing to be patriotic and DIE for Malaysia that will be great.

By the way, what actually is the criteria for one who can be accepted as a citizen? Through some of my known friends, it took years before they can get the "IC Merah", just to talk about genting citizenship.

Worst still, they can even vote ... WOW.

NOW ... all this news are only in the alternative media, while the MSM are very quiet. If there are such news, its all denial in the shortest form. It should be easy to check confirm and justify, isn't it, if one is SERIOUS enough to do it.

So PLEASE ... pretty PLEASE, all you who are in the know, get this out in the open, and do it fast, or else we will be in big TROUBLE.

And for me, if anyone is caught really doing this, can we charge them with TREASON ???