Monday, September 1, 2008

Malaysia New Festival

Yes a new festival with the Malaysian flair. It is the Bazar Ramadhan. Although it is never meant to be as such, the effect of the bazar is now attraction most malaysian look forward to. It is so true that for one to not believe it will be a sin. It is the time of year where people of all races will come together to savour all type of food possible. You name it you shall have it.

As much food and clothing to look for, new business opportunity for all who wants to make some extra money for the coming Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, only a month away. There shall be 'Kueh Raya' in all colour and taste, 'ketupat,lemang & rendang' and many more. If want are so busy, when the actual festival come 'Kueh Tunjuk - Home made cookies (other people kitchen)' you shall have the varities to present to your visitors.

Say what you may, it is something that other countries do not have and shall be unique to Malaysia, and Malaysian loves this and so does our foreign visitors. This is uniquely Malaysian, enjoy the food but always remember to be within limit.

Ramadhan has a special reason for muslim and they should understand this seriously, and other malaysian has learn to respect this affair, for some even take the trouble to eat away from their fasting friends or even more to try the fasting themselves.

Now that is what malaysian has achieve all the way since our independence 51 year ago. A character that made us different from others, a culture others enjoy to be part of, and it makes all of us very happy.