Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Merdeka 51st

51 years ago, the British offered us our independence, after colonizing us.

We were free before that and so we it seems all wrong should we feel anything about it. this is our country and therefore it is ours to begin with. Anyway, when they were here, did they come by themselves or were they invited.

However, after all we are master of ourself and we should set the course of where we want to go. Tun Dr Mahathir has nicely presented the Wawasan 2020, and it is only strong will of the leaders of the day and hard work of the citizen will get us through.

Malaysia as a nation are blessed with so much that is only the envy of many, the question is how do we make sure that we maximise what we have in order to go forward.

Happy National Day . MERDEKA

Monday, August 25, 2008

JUST READ!: Please fly the Jalur Gemilang...

It is the love of the country more than anything else, but when people are upset due to the surrounding, they tend to take it on the flag and that is wrong.
Just now, I spoke to an officer from the Statistic Department and as much as his request is taxing on me, and I believe as no relevance, I stated the fact that I understood his predicament as as a civil servant on public service. He acknowledges my understanding by differentiating between Goverment of the day and Civil Service duty ...

JUST READ!: Please fly the Jalur Gemilang...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A pretty sight to behold

Tam Yong Yuee of Johor wrote in the Sun, August 14, 2008

The 51st anniversary ofl our independence is just around the corner. Watching the Jalur Gemilang flutter in the breeze in our garden elicits a sense of elation. Since our residents' committee was set up two years ago, we had embarked on a community programmed to instill a sense of belonging and ownership among the residents through various activities that promote good neighbourliness and good will among the various races, by focussing on common issues of concern like crime prevention and other issues that effect the residents' everyday life. And the local police are regular invited guest at various functions and festivities.

Our flag flying campaign for Merdeka is in its third year. The target is one house, one flag, and though falling short of 100%, the response of more than 90% of the residents is a morale booster. The few who are reluctant to fly have the usual grudges and complaints on the government's less than just implementation of certain policies.

While we admit that this disgruntlement does have legitimate grounds,we should also be rational enough to distinguish between support for the government of the day and loyalty to our country of birth. if the government of the day is seen to be inefficient, unjust or corrupt, it can be changed or removed through the ballot box. But our position as legitimate citizens of Malaysia, as enshrined in the Constitution, remains unchanged and that is where our loyalty lies.

Of course, not flying the flag for independence day does not necessarily mean one is unpatriotic. By the same token, flying the flag does not necessarily mean we endorse a government to expectation. But, first as a citizen and than as a patriot, our allegiance must be to Malaysia an it is incumbent upon us to keep a watchful eye on those who are given the mandate to manage this country to ensure that they do not abuse their positions to the detriment of the nation.

Back to our taman, the flapping of the flags in the steady breeze is a pretty sights to behold.

So near yet so far

The Star - Monday 18th August 2008

Malaysian shuttler Lee Chong Wei striking a pensive mood with the silver medal around his neck after the men's single badminton final against Lin Dan of China. Chong Wei lost 12-21, 8-21 and Malaysia's hopes of a first-ever gold medal in the Olympics were dashed. Still, it was a gallant effort by Chong Wei who becomes the first singles player to have won an Olympic silver medal.

On another note, just what Badminton did to the nation on that day ...

All over the nation, hundreds and thousand of people went to mamak shops and restaurants which had big screens set up for the live telecast. Most however stayed in the comfort of their home, glued to their TV for the hope of the gliter of GOLD. They cheered and clapped each time Chong Wei scored points. During this period, none would have thought of anything except for the success of Chong Wei ... and therefore the success of the nation.

Even politics took a back seat when the finals was in action. Anwar of PKR watch from a stall, while Arif of BN was at a nasi kandar restaurant.

However, yet ... he was not good enough that day (what do you aspect as you not only were up to the world No 1, but more from the whole of China). Most said CONGRATULATION to Chong Wei, for the Silver and to all the OLYMPIAN you can only be better when you work harder. Some will have the oppotunity 4 years from now as we look ahead to LONDON 2012.

I was not able to watch the match due to a more urgent appointment, however was alerted by my daughter through SMS of the unfortunate outcome. When I came home, they were actually more upset with the RTM's commentator Hasbullah Awang, who were totally negative all throughout the finals, even counting points to the end of the game. Well maybe its time that RTM look for a better person that could comment better and more positively. As usual, to talk is easy, to sweat all the way is totally a different story.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Malaysia First GOLD ...

The Olympic 2008 kicks of 080808. Well plan, and for ever remembered in the history of the sporting events. It seems to be the most expansive as well.
Well Malaysia is represented in a number of events, not expecting much from those OLYMPIAN, we are proud of them nonetheless. By the time of this writing, some probably will have to leave provided that they are lucky to allowed to be spectators. Of all the events, Badminton still is our best bet. Lee Chong Wei, Wong Choong Han, Wong Mei Chew are still there fighting, as well as the doubles who have yet to take to the courts. Good luck, for Malaysia are counting on all of you.
One thing for sure, from now onward, we should seriously look at those sports that we can be excell in the Olympics, and not so much that we can't go far. Swimming looks promising, The Japanese, Koreans and Chinese got their gold, and for their size we should not be far. If only SQUASH is in there, maybe Nicole could be the first Gold Medalist. Maybe 2012, 2016, 2020. Then it might be to late as she might be out of steam.
Sports get us united, isn't it, we spoke less about race or religion, although so much still of the politiking. Lets be fair to ourselves, for the love of the country, let Malaysia be Great again, and Always