Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Malaysia First GOLD ...

The Olympic 2008 kicks of 080808. Well plan, and for ever remembered in the history of the sporting events. It seems to be the most expansive as well.
Well Malaysia is represented in a number of events, not expecting much from those OLYMPIAN, we are proud of them nonetheless. By the time of this writing, some probably will have to leave provided that they are lucky to allowed to be spectators. Of all the events, Badminton still is our best bet. Lee Chong Wei, Wong Choong Han, Wong Mei Chew are still there fighting, as well as the doubles who have yet to take to the courts. Good luck, for Malaysia are counting on all of you.
One thing for sure, from now onward, we should seriously look at those sports that we can be excell in the Olympics, and not so much that we can't go far. Swimming looks promising, The Japanese, Koreans and Chinese got their gold, and for their size we should not be far. If only SQUASH is in there, maybe Nicole could be the first Gold Medalist. Maybe 2012, 2016, 2020. Then it might be to late as she might be out of steam.
Sports get us united, isn't it, we spoke less about race or religion, although so much still of the politiking. Lets be fair to ourselves, for the love of the country, let Malaysia be Great again, and Always

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