Tuesday, August 19, 2008

So near yet so far

The Star - Monday 18th August 2008

Malaysian shuttler Lee Chong Wei striking a pensive mood with the silver medal around his neck after the men's single badminton final against Lin Dan of China. Chong Wei lost 12-21, 8-21 and Malaysia's hopes of a first-ever gold medal in the Olympics were dashed. Still, it was a gallant effort by Chong Wei who becomes the first singles player to have won an Olympic silver medal.

On another note, just what Badminton did to the nation on that day ...

All over the nation, hundreds and thousand of people went to mamak shops and restaurants which had big screens set up for the live telecast. Most however stayed in the comfort of their home, glued to their TV for the hope of the gliter of GOLD. They cheered and clapped each time Chong Wei scored points. During this period, none would have thought of anything except for the success of Chong Wei ... and therefore the success of the nation.

Even politics took a back seat when the finals was in action. Anwar of PKR watch from a stall, while Arif of BN was at a nasi kandar restaurant.

However, yet ... he was not good enough that day (what do you aspect as you not only were up to the world No 1, but more from the whole of China). Most said CONGRATULATION to Chong Wei, for the Silver and to all the OLYMPIAN you can only be better when you work harder. Some will have the oppotunity 4 years from now as we look ahead to LONDON 2012.

I was not able to watch the match due to a more urgent appointment, however was alerted by my daughter through SMS of the unfortunate outcome. When I came home, they were actually more upset with the RTM's commentator Hasbullah Awang, who were totally negative all throughout the finals, even counting points to the end of the game. Well maybe its time that RTM look for a better person that could comment better and more positively. As usual, to talk is easy, to sweat all the way is totally a different story.

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