Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Conference on future of Malaysia

The Sun, Wednesday October 8th, 2008

The Centre for Media and Information Warfare Studies (CMIWS) is inviting scholars and thinkers for a Round table Conference on the Future of Malaysia. CMIWS Director, Prof Rajib Abdul Ghani said despite celebrating 51 years of independence, things which have been holding Malaysia together as a democratic united nation-state are perceived to be falling apart.
"Some say that the centre is cracking and giving way and Malaysia cannot afford, under any circumstances, to disappoint the founders' democratic idealism espoused in the Declaration of Malayan Independence," said Rajib.
"Malaysians of today have to reaffirm their faith in the constitution and tenets of rule of law. Democracy in a state begins to lose its vitality when men and women of wisdom and in position shirk their responsibility in being vigilant. Growth of a nation-state is absolutely dependent on the inflow of new thoughts and philosophies," he added.
The one day round table conference is aimed at finding ways and means to build a more democratic, just, equitable and united nation-state of Malaysia. The CMIWS is inviting 40 leading thinkers and scholars to participate in the conference.
Participants are expected to send in their thoughts on the existing political, socio-economic vulnerablities and the approaches that ought to be taken to strengthen democratic values and institutions in Malaysia. CMIWS hopes to use the Malaysian constitution and persepts of rule of law as the basis for the conference's deliberations and findings.
The conference, to be held in Concorde Hotel in Shah Alam on Nov 10, will feature several topics such as "Are the basic structural features of democratic Malaysia weakening?", and several discussions to strengthen democracy in Malaysia. The length of the article from each participant shall be about 2,000 words although lengthier ones are more than welcome.
All entries should be in by Oct 15. The CMIWS will pack the entries into a booklet for distribution to the participants by Oct 22. For details, call 03-55255325 or 03-55225568.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Malaysia New Festival

Yes a new festival with the Malaysian flair. It is the Bazar Ramadhan. Although it is never meant to be as such, the effect of the bazar is now attraction most malaysian look forward to. It is so true that for one to not believe it will be a sin. It is the time of year where people of all races will come together to savour all type of food possible. You name it you shall have it.

As much food and clothing to look for, new business opportunity for all who wants to make some extra money for the coming Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, only a month away. There shall be 'Kueh Raya' in all colour and taste, 'ketupat,lemang & rendang' and many more. If want are so busy, when the actual festival come 'Kueh Tunjuk - Home made cookies (other people kitchen)' you shall have the varities to present to your visitors.

Say what you may, it is something that other countries do not have and shall be unique to Malaysia, and Malaysian loves this and so does our foreign visitors. This is uniquely Malaysian, enjoy the food but always remember to be within limit.

Ramadhan has a special reason for muslim and they should understand this seriously, and other malaysian has learn to respect this affair, for some even take the trouble to eat away from their fasting friends or even more to try the fasting themselves.

Now that is what malaysian has achieve all the way since our independence 51 year ago. A character that made us different from others, a culture others enjoy to be part of, and it makes all of us very happy.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Merdeka 51st

51 years ago, the British offered us our independence, after colonizing us.

We were free before that and so we it seems all wrong should we feel anything about it. this is our country and therefore it is ours to begin with. Anyway, when they were here, did they come by themselves or were they invited.

However, after all we are master of ourself and we should set the course of where we want to go. Tun Dr Mahathir has nicely presented the Wawasan 2020, and it is only strong will of the leaders of the day and hard work of the citizen will get us through.

Malaysia as a nation are blessed with so much that is only the envy of many, the question is how do we make sure that we maximise what we have in order to go forward.

Happy National Day . MERDEKA

Monday, August 25, 2008

JUST READ!: Please fly the Jalur Gemilang...

It is the love of the country more than anything else, but when people are upset due to the surrounding, they tend to take it on the flag and that is wrong.
Just now, I spoke to an officer from the Statistic Department and as much as his request is taxing on me, and I believe as no relevance, I stated the fact that I understood his predicament as as a civil servant on public service. He acknowledges my understanding by differentiating between Goverment of the day and Civil Service duty ...

JUST READ!: Please fly the Jalur Gemilang...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A pretty sight to behold

Tam Yong Yuee of Johor wrote in the Sun, August 14, 2008

The 51st anniversary ofl our independence is just around the corner. Watching the Jalur Gemilang flutter in the breeze in our garden elicits a sense of elation. Since our residents' committee was set up two years ago, we had embarked on a community programmed to instill a sense of belonging and ownership among the residents through various activities that promote good neighbourliness and good will among the various races, by focussing on common issues of concern like crime prevention and other issues that effect the residents' everyday life. And the local police are regular invited guest at various functions and festivities.

Our flag flying campaign for Merdeka is in its third year. The target is one house, one flag, and though falling short of 100%, the response of more than 90% of the residents is a morale booster. The few who are reluctant to fly have the usual grudges and complaints on the government's less than just implementation of certain policies.

While we admit that this disgruntlement does have legitimate grounds,we should also be rational enough to distinguish between support for the government of the day and loyalty to our country of birth. if the government of the day is seen to be inefficient, unjust or corrupt, it can be changed or removed through the ballot box. But our position as legitimate citizens of Malaysia, as enshrined in the Constitution, remains unchanged and that is where our loyalty lies.

Of course, not flying the flag for independence day does not necessarily mean one is unpatriotic. By the same token, flying the flag does not necessarily mean we endorse a government to expectation. But, first as a citizen and than as a patriot, our allegiance must be to Malaysia an it is incumbent upon us to keep a watchful eye on those who are given the mandate to manage this country to ensure that they do not abuse their positions to the detriment of the nation.

Back to our taman, the flapping of the flags in the steady breeze is a pretty sights to behold.

So near yet so far

The Star - Monday 18th August 2008

Malaysian shuttler Lee Chong Wei striking a pensive mood with the silver medal around his neck after the men's single badminton final against Lin Dan of China. Chong Wei lost 12-21, 8-21 and Malaysia's hopes of a first-ever gold medal in the Olympics were dashed. Still, it was a gallant effort by Chong Wei who becomes the first singles player to have won an Olympic silver medal.

On another note, just what Badminton did to the nation on that day ...

All over the nation, hundreds and thousand of people went to mamak shops and restaurants which had big screens set up for the live telecast. Most however stayed in the comfort of their home, glued to their TV for the hope of the gliter of GOLD. They cheered and clapped each time Chong Wei scored points. During this period, none would have thought of anything except for the success of Chong Wei ... and therefore the success of the nation.

Even politics took a back seat when the finals was in action. Anwar of PKR watch from a stall, while Arif of BN was at a nasi kandar restaurant.

However, yet ... he was not good enough that day (what do you aspect as you not only were up to the world No 1, but more from the whole of China). Most said CONGRATULATION to Chong Wei, for the Silver and to all the OLYMPIAN you can only be better when you work harder. Some will have the oppotunity 4 years from now as we look ahead to LONDON 2012.

I was not able to watch the match due to a more urgent appointment, however was alerted by my daughter through SMS of the unfortunate outcome. When I came home, they were actually more upset with the RTM's commentator Hasbullah Awang, who were totally negative all throughout the finals, even counting points to the end of the game. Well maybe its time that RTM look for a better person that could comment better and more positively. As usual, to talk is easy, to sweat all the way is totally a different story.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Malaysia First GOLD ...

The Olympic 2008 kicks of 080808. Well plan, and for ever remembered in the history of the sporting events. It seems to be the most expansive as well.
Well Malaysia is represented in a number of events, not expecting much from those OLYMPIAN, we are proud of them nonetheless. By the time of this writing, some probably will have to leave provided that they are lucky to allowed to be spectators. Of all the events, Badminton still is our best bet. Lee Chong Wei, Wong Choong Han, Wong Mei Chew are still there fighting, as well as the doubles who have yet to take to the courts. Good luck, for Malaysia are counting on all of you.
One thing for sure, from now onward, we should seriously look at those sports that we can be excell in the Olympics, and not so much that we can't go far. Swimming looks promising, The Japanese, Koreans and Chinese got their gold, and for their size we should not be far. If only SQUASH is in there, maybe Nicole could be the first Gold Medalist. Maybe 2012, 2016, 2020. Then it might be to late as she might be out of steam.
Sports get us united, isn't it, we spoke less about race or religion, although so much still of the politiking. Lets be fair to ourselves, for the love of the country, let Malaysia be Great again, and Always

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

PROTON - rocky's bru: Forgotten Saga

I have always believe that the idea of the creation of PROTON is one of the best idea ever mooted. For that I can proundly say that I had owned one of the first car with the registration number BCG 2020. Thinking about it later on, I regretted letting it go especially the number, but than again what is past is past.
Read onward from around the Blog ...

rocky's bru: Forgotten Saga

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Political Scenario

It is a sad scenario that befalls our beloved country. We are blessed with so much, and yet the human character are not doing justice to what Allah had given us. Foreigners legal and illegal make a point to come here because of what we have, beautiful beaches, cool hilltops, fantastic fauna and flora, multi cultural and multi religious environment, lots of sunshines and rains as well. You name it we have it, except for man made snow instead of the real one.
What about food? In all of my travelling which anyway is not that much, you can find all sorts ... probably not that exotic one (life monkey brain ... kinda thing). It is a food heaven.
Talk about opportunity, if you see so many foreigner serving you, be it at the petrol station, airport, hotel, picking garbage, cutting grass, clearing drains ... you know there are working opportunity, not to mentioned food stalls and 'pasar malam'. Oh yes the wet market, you see them every where.
So back to the political scenario, now we are world famous for somebody being blown up with C4 and after 10 years another "s____y" case. How I wish, this kind of news never ever destroy the essence of Malaysia. Please people ... think MALAYSIA FIRST, if a leader who leads get a country with such bad reputation how can you be proud. The recent election prove that people are not happy, and this type of situation only will make it worst.
Remember ... the saying, we do not inherit this country, we borrowed it from our children.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Not many Malaysian know their Country

Yesterday we( my wife and I) met Angie (a school teacher) who greeted me as I was coming out for a walk from the hotel lobby of Selesa Resort. She asked whether we are residence there, but I said no, we are just there for a short working retreat.
After awhile of sharing views, we got to know that Angie actually teachers in Gombak, Selangor but commuted to her school everyday. When I mentioned that its gonna cost her more with the new petrol price hike, she seems not to be bothered. It took her only 20-30mins to reach destination everyday so its not really a problem. She was born and raised in KL, but chose to stay at the Resort because she likes the area and surrounding plus she got a very good deal (in her own word damn cheap) for the apartment. Thats why she said : Not many Malaysian know their country.
Out of the half an hour conversation, we found out that Angie is one of many Malaysians who enjoyed the beauty of the country and what they have decided for themselves, and not the critical group who only find faults all the time. She said when she greeted me, she saw the smile on my face and therefore wants to strike a conversation. Its sure is nice that smiling doesn't cost us anything but gets us new friends.
As long as we learn to appreciate one another and our country always there are always fun in our daily life.
Selesa Resort is about an hour drive from Shah Alam and it is quite good retreat except that they should improve the food and the service more.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Multi-racial Malaysia

I enjoyed this comment from Tun Dr Mahathir, Malaysia 4th Prime Minister and would like to share this all of you, happy reading.


Dr Mahathir Mohamad: Multi-racial Malaysia

Friday, May 30, 2008

Good things from the election-thesun...fridayMay30th,2008

It's been quite amusing to read the various "post-election" analyses. What seems obvious is that the Oppoosition (0r should I say alternatives?), which is now the state government in five states are trying hard to clean up dodgy contracts, policies, etc and start a new era of governance. The ruling goverment, on the other hand, seems so caught up in conducting "postmortems" on what went wrong. How can it be so blindingly clear to the "rakyat" but so unclear to our elected reps?

Didn't we say, in countless instances, that we felt corruption was rife and could see no sign of it reducing? Didn't we say that we felt that the safety of our children and families was not sufficiently protected? Didn't we march in unison, in the thousands, to demand equality and honesty?

What is really hard to understand is ... what is it that went wrong anyway?

Barisan Nasional has still been given the mandate to run the country, with less than twothirds majority in Parliament. Shouldn't our PM be sayingthat this is a good thing? The current status will allow the government to become more transparent and MPs will have to truly perform to gain public trust and support. Both the BN and the Opposition will have to work hard for the peopleto ensure they stay in power. The rakyat now have a positive choice to decide what they want for their future.

Doesn't this show that Malaysia and Malaysians have come a long way, 50 years after independence?
The bottomline is clear. What our leaders need to do is :
>> Work for the the people. (This is what a goverment is supposed to do in the first place)
>> Appoint ministers with sound education and intelligence.
>> Listen to grievances of the people with an open mind.
>> Raise salaries of deserving government servants to make corruption ineffective.
>> Give incentives to deserving police personnel.
>> Move away from racial and religious issues. The election marks the start of better governance.
Being apolitical.
It has always been a mistake or should I say, things that we take for granted when refering to the public or civil service/servant. They are and always will be "serving us, the people". The government of the day, which ever the political affiliation shall allways be the administrator. They do not own us nor are we accountable to them.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Pulau Batu Putih ... no more

Well we lost an island if you and its territorial water because ... some people took it for granted. Many would have considered it just a piece of rock, but now all the hue and cry. Luckily we did not even loose out right Batuan Tengah (Middle Rock) and hopefully we will get Tubir Selatan (South Ledge).
Why this happen ? Who were incharge of Foreign Affairs at that time ? Before independence maybe its up to that guy from the Johor State Secretary. The Johor State Government should really look into this and make sure it doesnt happen to Pulau Pisang.

Friday, May 23, 2008

New title.

Today this blog gets a new name. Cinta Alam Malaysia. Its all about accepting that we can only be proud of who we are when we put the loyalty to the country more than anything else. When I say this, the only thing that supercede this statement shall be if the country that officialize my being goes totally against my belief in Islam.
For others maybe their religious belief. We are born with differences that we cannot change. However, the upbringing, the surrounding and the people arround us can effect the way we think and do. Today ... political situation had change, and most people are worried, however much more are beginning to realise that this could be for the better. We cannot dictate our opinion on others but we sure can encourage them to agree.
Therefore ... as long as we take our freedom right, others must learn to respect them too.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Kings Message

Well I am glad that the Kings message during the opening of Parliament goes in line with the way I have always been serious about. Most people wants to be proud of being Malaysian and we should prosper together. However, some just forgot about the others and think that only they and their thinking supercede others.

If we believe about our freedom and right, we must also accept that others have their freedom and right as well.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The New Parliament Session

Here we go, the new session, 222 MPs, 140 from BN and the Opposition 82. This will surely be an interesting session. What can we hope for? 222 grown men and women talking, debating for our future. We (at least those who voted on the 8th of March 2008) have given them the opportunity to represent us. How will they do ? If they are serious for the greater good of the nation, we shall

Friday, April 25, 2008

April 16 ... the sun says

How do you judge whether a person is patriotic, less patriotic or not patriotic at all to the country in which the lives? Generally it is difficult to judge another person's level of patriotism until he has committed an act that is deemed patriotic or otherwise. Thus the best thing anyone can do is to avoid labelling another as patriotic or unpatriotic.

It is an emotive word and can cause a lot of unnecessary resentment among those negatively labelled. While the Oxford English Dictionary defines a patriot as a person who is devoted to and ready to defend his or her country, the definition raises the question of how to measure a person's devotion to and readiness or willingness to defend his country. Without having to wait for a demonstration of devotion to or willingness to defend the country, it is generally assumed that those who live as good and law-abiding citizens are in a sense patriots.

There was a public furore not too long ago after the Information Ministry declared that those not flying the Malaysian flag on Merdeka Day are not patriotic. among the question that were asked then were: is just flying the Jalur Gemilang in the compound of your house sufficient indication that you are a patriot, is a person who does not fly the Jalur Gemilang but buys only Malaysian-made products not a patriot or is a person who refuses to send his children to universities abroad in order to contribute to the nation's savings on foreign exchange but does not fly the Jalur Gemilang not a patriot?

Must he sings the Negara Ku loudly to be a patriot? Is a developer who avoids cutting down trees to save the environment when building his houses less a patriot than the man who climbs Mount Everest to plant the Jalur Gemilang at the summit?

The statement that Malaysian youths are getting less patriotic begs the same questions, more so when the statements is made based on a recent government study. The Youth and Sports Ministry which made the statement must make public the content of the report for everyone to know the criteria used in concluding that today's youths are getting less patriotic. Otherwise the ministry and the government stand to lose a lot of credibility insofar as the youths are concerned.

But to win them over to be patriotic and to be involved in nationbuilding, they must be persuaded to see the relevance of every aspect of this nation - its development, its history, its culture and its symbols - to them

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


The prime minister yesterday unveiled a comprehensive reform of the country's graft-busting effort, including powering up a more independent Anti-Corruption Agency.

This is what the public wants, now lets hope the ACA will be able to perform their duties better and at the same time, signal those with intention to corruption, to be beware.

It should be good for all of us

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Are We Ready to be Malaysian?

Yes the question that many dare not answer. Who are we, a malay, bumiputera, chinese, indian, kandazan, iban or ... others? Then there are Malaysian Chinese, Malaysian Indian and so on. What happen when we call ourself Malaysian? What actually happen to us, are we better or worst . It is time to consider this and seriously say .. Yes I am ready to be Malaysian, and be proud of it.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Its been an interesting month, isn't it. One month of trying to accept, digest whether it is true or actually adream. This one month some just cannot, or just does not want to believe it. It is true, the Malaysia political scenario has change, for better or for worst? Lets make it for the better, because that should be our priorty, "MALAYSIAFIRST" . This is what we must do, we can only go forward, all concerned will have to evaluate where they stand, none is more important . Think about it

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Cabinet

Well, Malaysia new cabinet, reduced, new faces and old faces, new responsibilities and so on, will it be better? Lets hope so for all of us, if not ...

Monday, March 17, 2008

A New Era for Malaysia

Let start fresh and really evaluate the whole situation, 50 years of independence and what 8th of March 2008 has done to us. This is what it is all about. Malaysia First