Friday, August 24, 2012

Sekayu - Terengganu

My first ever visit there was way back in the eighties.

Told my future father and mother in-law (then) that I would like to send my parents to meet them and asked for the hand of their daughter (now my wife).

Sekayu Waterfalls is such a nice place than. Today, together with the family and my brother in-laws family, we were there again although we had been there once in between.

Nice place still, we managed to drive in and therefore did not walk as much like before. BUT ... the place has lousy public ammenities. I wonder why ???

If with such a beautiful GOD given natural habitat, we cannot take care of it, and Terengganu with its Oil wealth, where really do they spend all the money ???

Monday, August 6, 2012

Another Silver

Yes, Lee Chong Wei gets another silver, and congratulation is in order. Say what you may, it was a good game, so once again congrats, a GOLD not meant to be.

Well ... 2016, Rio maybe ???