Friday, May 30, 2008

Good things from the election-thesun...fridayMay30th,2008

It's been quite amusing to read the various "post-election" analyses. What seems obvious is that the Oppoosition (0r should I say alternatives?), which is now the state government in five states are trying hard to clean up dodgy contracts, policies, etc and start a new era of governance. The ruling goverment, on the other hand, seems so caught up in conducting "postmortems" on what went wrong. How can it be so blindingly clear to the "rakyat" but so unclear to our elected reps?

Didn't we say, in countless instances, that we felt corruption was rife and could see no sign of it reducing? Didn't we say that we felt that the safety of our children and families was not sufficiently protected? Didn't we march in unison, in the thousands, to demand equality and honesty?

What is really hard to understand is ... what is it that went wrong anyway?

Barisan Nasional has still been given the mandate to run the country, with less than twothirds majority in Parliament. Shouldn't our PM be sayingthat this is a good thing? The current status will allow the government to become more transparent and MPs will have to truly perform to gain public trust and support. Both the BN and the Opposition will have to work hard for the peopleto ensure they stay in power. The rakyat now have a positive choice to decide what they want for their future.

Doesn't this show that Malaysia and Malaysians have come a long way, 50 years after independence?
The bottomline is clear. What our leaders need to do is :
>> Work for the the people. (This is what a goverment is supposed to do in the first place)
>> Appoint ministers with sound education and intelligence.
>> Listen to grievances of the people with an open mind.
>> Raise salaries of deserving government servants to make corruption ineffective.
>> Give incentives to deserving police personnel.
>> Move away from racial and religious issues. The election marks the start of better governance.
Being apolitical.
It has always been a mistake or should I say, things that we take for granted when refering to the public or civil service/servant. They are and always will be "serving us, the people". The government of the day, which ever the political affiliation shall allways be the administrator. They do not own us nor are we accountable to them.

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Bothman said...

Right on brother, this people thinks that they own us, they forget that we pay their salary.