Monday, June 1, 2009

In Hibernation since ...

Its been awhile since I've written in cyberspace, and all the happening home in Malysia as well as overseas. The best of, the good and the ugly. Any how, looking for the "BEST OF MALAYSIA" shall always be what this SPACE will provide.
The intention shall be clear, if its good for MALAYSIA than it will be good for all of us, no matter where we come from, what race or religion. what is the tone of the skin colour. Respect and freedom as provided by the Federal Constitution.
Perak is still very much ???. The Penanti, Penang by election has just ended, and it is status quo. Next, it shall be Manik Urai, Kelantan. It will be best if BN allow this to pass as well, lots of money can be saved. All elected goverment should continue to focus on the economy. With that it will be also status quo.
Other than Nicole David in Squash, Some good news in Badminton, a pinch of good news for Hockey during the recently concluded Asia Cup, there are nothing much to talk about. Oh not to forget some great news from cycling. Hopefully, the new Sport Minister can come out with new ideas and strategy. Politics in MOM ... will there be a new President ??? Olympics London 2012 ... will there be the gliter og GOLD ???
Hopefully the new Education Minister who is also the DPM will settle the PPSMI (Teaching Science and Mathematics in English) will be settle, and let it stay in English. The decision on 10 maximum subject is just what it should be all along. Opportunity to study is the key, that means all should be given a chance, next those given a chance should be help according to certain criteria, because not all start exactly the same. Some need more help that others due to numerous reason, be it social, culturat and or financial.
Yesterday 31st May 2009, was STOP SMOKING day, it will be great if everyday is NO SMOKING DAY. Sorry smokers ... it is for your own good, not that you all really care, and this goes to all involved in the industry, go find other business, you are involved in MASS MURDER ...knowingly.
So today, 1st June 2009, how can we love this country better ... Only we shall decide. Have a nice day.

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