Wednesday, June 29, 2011

World Class Garden ???

What is the problem with us (our government) actually ??? Changing name here there and everywhere. 122 years ago it was Lake Garden, then it was Taman Tasik Perdana (1975) and now Taman Botani Negara.

RM35,000,000.00 (Thirty Five Million) some more.

Well just wondering did Hyde Park, Kew Garden, Central Park and or Royal Botanical Gardens in London, New York or Melbourne became famous because they changed their name or they are famous because they are FAMOUS for what they are GARDENS.

In Shah Alam, there is Taman Pertanian Bukit Cerakah, which later became Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam which now is known as Taman Botani Negara, Shah Alam.

Botani here, there and everywhere, the more common the name, the more difficult can it be famous ... NO UNIQUENESS.

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