Tuesday, January 3, 2012

On the 3rd Day of the total 366 Days

2012 is a Leap Year

Yes this year we have an extra day ... as if most people care.

Just like its just another second, min, hour, day, week, months and another year. I thought its just awhile back since the world celebrate 2011 ... and just so suddenly its already 2012. Well all over the world, the owner of fireworks made a lot of money, they would have wished that New Year is everyday.

Here in Malaysia, we hope it will be a better year. Better for the family, in all area. Hoping for the kids that goes to School, be it Primary, Secondary and University to do well. It does not get any easier, but life goes on and all must learn to cope with it. As parents it gets much and more difficult by the day. They smarter by the seconds nowadays.

What ever it is, time flies faster that a speeding bullet.

So GOOD LUCK you all ... 

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