Thursday, December 3, 2009

Malaysian Made and Made in Malaysia

Sometime time people in general are not aware, but most of the time they are confused, however there are those who just doesn't seem to bother.

What is the different between Malaysian Made and Made in Malaysia. I am not sure whether there are specific percentage (%) or standard for such classification. Anyway in logical terms we can agree that Malaysian Made refers to anything MALAYSIAN and produced by Malaysian or Malaysian Expertise. A clear example can be BATIK, although sometimes we wonder if the fabric used are also Malaysian produced. There could be other examples, even food base like kerepek, keropok lekor.

As for Made in Malaysia, the above rule still applies, however we might have foreign investor producing their products for local consumption or export purposes and yet uses foreign labour and expertise.

In the end, what matter most should be QUALITY. Way back during the earlier years, people will always say anything continental (American/European) are always better then Japanese. Although some of those kind of statement is true, things had change, the so call good products are Made in Malaysia or other countries.

This does not necessarily applies to just products manufactured, now it could be services and its people. QUALITY in general has no boundries.

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