Monday, March 15, 2010

All England Finals ... The 100th addition

2003 : Lost 1st Round
2004 : Did not take part
2005 : Lost Semi Finals
2006 : Lost Semi Finals
2007 : Lost Quarter Finals
2008 : Lost Semi Finals
2009 : Lost Finals
Finally Lee Chong Wei made it. Congratulation to our Malaysian hero including the Coach Misbun Sidek. As for Misbun, this is his second charge after coaching Hafis Hashim who won the title in 2003. He himself was once a runner in this competion way back in the eighties.

Well it was a worthwhile wait, considering the Rubber game during the mixed doubles (China bt Indonesia) and ladies singles (Denmark bt China). As for the ladies doubles it was a Chinese affair, while the men's doubles was a Danish one. The latest News.

It was a good competition that most player will not one to miss, but like it or not the next question is are we ready for the Thomas Cup comes this May in Kuala lumpur.

Are we ready???
Past Malaysian Singles Champions
4 Times - Wong Peng Soon : 1950,51,22 & 55
4 Times - Eddy Choong : 1953,54,56 & 57
Once - Tan Aik Huang : 1966
Once - Mohd Hafiz Hashim : 2003

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A. Alshukor said...

Chong Wei menang singles All England, BAM dapat RM2 Juta untuk langsai bonus pemain.

Kan seronok bila menang, ramai orang tersengeh sengeh tumpang sekaki. dapat dekat dengan Chong Wei, ucap tahniah, nasib baik gambar masuk surat khabar.