Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Who Do You Trust?

Reader's Digest in their latest issue (March 2010), had a special report, and as they reveal the exclusive results of the first ever Asian Trust Poll, we wonder ???

The question they asked people to rate were of professions and local personalities on a scale of ten("Trust completely") to one ("Not trusted at all")

Of the most trusted professions, fire fighters, doctors and teachers. In the Philippines, farmers were rated highly, while the medical profession were rated highly in Hong Kong. Real estate agents, fortune-tellers and politicians rated poorly. Thailand rated taxi driver poorly while those in the finance industry are rated poorly in Singapore.

When it comes to individuals people polled consider an array of personalities across the board - from forensic experts to actors and spiritual leaders. Lets look at the Top Five from the countries polled in alphabetical order :

1. Josephine Siao - Philantrophist, Founder of End Child Abuse Foundation
2. Professor Joseph Sung - Medical Researcher
3. Dr Rebecca Lee - Explorer and Enviromentalist
4. Andrew Li - Chief Justice, Court of Final Appeal
5. Lee Sai Shan - Windsurfer, Olympic Gold Medalist

1. Nicol David - Squash World Champion
2. Dr Jemilah Mahmood - Founder of Mercy Malaysia
3. Lee Chong Wei - Silver Medallist Olympic Beijing 2008
4. Lat aka Mohd Nor Khalid - Cartoonist
5. Jimmy Choo - Shoe Designer

1. Rosa Rosal - Actress and Philantrophist
2. Lea Salonga - Singer and Actress
3. Jessica Soho - Journalist and Vice President of GMA News
4. Tony Meloto - Philantrophist, Founder of Gawad Kalinga
5. Beningno "Noynoy" Aquino III - Senator

1. Chan Sek Keong - High Court Chief Justice
2. Dr William Tan - Wheelchair Athlete and Charity Fundraiser
3. Tommy Koh - Ambassador-at-large
4. Khoo Boon Hui - former Commissioner of Singapore Police Force
5. Prof Lee Wei Ling - Director & Senior Consultant of the National Neuroscience Institute

1. Master Cheng Yen - Religious Leader, Founder of Tzu Chi Foundation
2. Li Chang Yu - Forensic Expert
3. Ang Lee - Film Director
4. Cardinal Paul Shan Kuo-hsi
5. Lin Hwai-Min - Founder Cloud Gate Theater

1. Dr Pornthip Rojanasunan - Forensic Parthologist
2. Phra Ajarn Alongkot Dikkapanyo - Head Monk at Wat Phra Bath Nam Phu
3. Dr Sumet Tantivechakul - Secretary General - Chaipattana Foundation
4. Phra Prokunaporn (Prayut Payutto) - Spiritual Leader
5. Phanya Nirunkul - CEO Workpoint Entertainment PLC

I am quite happy of the Top 5 in Malaysia, however, the list of 50 chosen in the Malaysian group are actually "Safe List", and when compared to the other countries in the study Malaysian in Politics or the Civil Service (Judges, Police Officers etc..) are not included. Even Corporate players are left out.

To be fair when making comparison, it would be better that same group and category are acorded to every country (eg. 5 or 10 for each group, common or professional)

The Trust Survey was conducted by independent market research company, The Digital Edge on behalf of Reader's Digest in October 2009.

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