Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Skeleton in the closet

Just wants to highlight a simple point, be it here in Malaysia or any where in the world. The Wikileaks expose' is actually a blessing in disguise.

Why ???

Now suddenly people can have excess to info that could be true or just here say. The problem is that the person saying it, all this while he/she thought that no one or nobody can have excess to what was said, now suddenly it was recorded as such.

Lee Kuan Yew says this, Mahthir says that, Bush says so, Ahmad DiNejad says otherwise. In the end who do you believe, what good does it do to you. When the statement concur with the way you think, you say see he does it because so and so says so. What if ... what if what was leak says something that is against you?

Sue ... Summon ....

Intelligence here, and intelligence there its what you have to do in your effort to anticipate situation, hoping very well that your vision what ever it is shall be justified, along the way, it could be just your opinion, and and opinion is what it is, sometime right and sometime wrong, and it is part of what we call fear.

False Evidence Appearing Real ... sound interesting.

So as much as possible, should you have any skeleton in your closet, be ready.

If NOT what have you got to be worried about.

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