Thursday, April 21, 2011

E mail ... 1 Malaysia (1MY)

After all the comments yesterday about it and RM50 Million, and a Public listed company, today PM najib says its

  1. Free and Voluntary
  2. 1mail initiatives is privately-funded

Now ... that means it will not cost the public (thats us) a sen, as this PLC would spearhead this project which includes developing a web portal as one-stop centre for government services, providing value-added services such as social networking, checking bills online and payments.

In another word, are we looking at this as an alternatives to yahoo, hotmail, gmail, google, facebook and all the others, but rather as a Malaysian initiatives ???

Actually there is one company or service, that is myeg, who owns it? can't it be expanded ???

However, Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) CEO, said that the government awarding of the project to Tricubes shows confidence in local ICT Companies.

Now ... awarding means what ??? Not a sen of our money ??? This is confusing !!!

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