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Updates 23rd April 2010.
Scan through Blog Profile, as I added Tiger (1200) and Malayan Tiger (2) as my interest. Would recommend those interested to add to their profile.

Today its "EARTH DAY".

Funny isn't it, if we take in a year there are 365 days except when its the leap year where it shall be counted as 366 days, and we only dedicate 1 (ONE) day as "EARTH DAY". Its just like any so called special day, "mother's day", "father's day" and "teacher's day" and so on ...

Recently there was "EARTH HOUR"

Actually we human takes a lot or so much and yet gives back a little, if possible not at all.

So, if we looked back at things that are happening, we wonder why? And we continue to wonder, as if we were never part of it.

Now lets take the Tiger as an example. Here we shall be very specific about our very own "Pak Belang" or "HARIMAU MALAYA/MALAYAN TIGER better known by its scientific name PANTHERA TIGRIS MALAYENSIS. In the wild, it is said to number less than 500. (Actually, I always wonder how they ever get the numbers, counting each and single one or there are a special radar or something ...). Although there are quite a few more in the zoos and or privately cared ... however the condition are questionable.

What can be done to protect this "National Icon" ? Its on the "Emblem of Malaysia"

How much actually can we do?

Since last monday, the 19th April, until today 20th April 2010(to be exact 1pm), I went through personally sponsored Tiger Marathon In Cyberspace (TMIC) as I visited all blog that participated in the Tiger Blogfest 2010 (an intiative of the Monyet King). Eventhough some may have overlook their initial intention to participate, most or nearly all 115 Blogs contributed.

My personal experience are numb fingers, tired eyes and painful back. However, I learn a lot about Tigers in general, effort taken, concern and cares. There are true stories, poem (got to know that April is Poetry month), and most of all, I believed friends with the same focus. If previous post, been to Europe, well now cross over to North America (Toronto, Canada). I studied there about 30 years ago, and that person is about my elder daughters age.

All in all it was great, and we should look at other avenue to make this work. Since Malaysia is one of the 13 countries, what if we have a conference or convention about our "Pak Belang". Why wait for Vladivostok, Russia?

Let us do more, its for the future. To borrow a Malay Proverb : Harimau mati meninggalkan belang, manusia mati meninggalkan nama. (A tiger leave its stripes, while human leaves his/her name).

As a saying goes,

"We did not inherit this earth, we borrowed it from our children".

Do you know of a japanese who is known as "Tiger of Malaya"

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Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Info overload,eh? Blogfest,it is! Well,I must say you've got stamina and the interest to learn more about our tiger. I agree, let's not wait for Vladivostok. Pak Belang is among us:)