Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Tiger fest journal, thought that all will be in BM, but I know then for the benefit of our International participants.

Since yesterday, due to the Tiger Blogfest 2010, I've been visiting Blogs that participated. As of 5.15pm just now, managed to visit about 48 Blogs. Out of those 48, some had more than 1 posting while quite a few yet to do.

There quite a number of nice photo, write up and interesting cartoons. Most of all, what I once knew about our Pak Belang can be considered miniscule, compared to some of the other participants. Well ... that what this affair should be isn't it, what we know we tell, what we don't we learn from others.

Now our own Monyet King's posting about getting PM Najib to go to Vladivostok, Russia for the Tiger Conference is something. Will he go and be ... Raja Harimau ?

Back to my Marathon, I crossed the South China Sea, to Sabah and Sarawak, and all the way to Europe (i.e Belgrade, Serbia) before onward to Mexico. Although I do not understand what was written, the photo makes my day. However, our friend from Belgrade are willing to translate.

Not sure what I will see, read or learn but just can't wait to continue this journey.

Till then, all the best .... AAUUUMMMM

Kalau ada yang nak baca dalam BM saya alihbahasa la. Tapi English saya ni simple aje.


Monyet King said...

Most of the blogs that I visited had your signature on them. Well done for visiting the most blogs.

ibnu marzuki al firdaus said...


Wai said...

hi! I think it is great that you are writing about the tigers in Malay too! Would be great to cover as many languages possible in order to reach more people. After all, I see this as a worldwide concern too. Ya? :)

Tis' a good time to make new friends too! ;)

[ o k e d ] said...

thanks for ya blog walking~ rajinnya dia. Heh, great job. Marilah kita cinta alam Malaysia tanpa sebarang keterpaksaan

joolee said...

Hi, thanks for visiting. I'm happy to return the compliment.

I'm impressed that you blog in two languages.

Keep roaring :)

masMZ said...

kat sini pun ada roar....

AuMmmmMmmmMMMMmmmmmmm :)

Padan Tagal said...

well done buddy,i salute your youth-like stamina for pit-stopping at every blog bout em tigers. great initiative there. now,let's not just be heard,let's work to see results =)