Thursday, April 8, 2010

What will make US great???

As usual, the first impression will be US should stand for The U.S of A. Isn't it ???
No, it is us ... MALAYSIAN. You, me and all those who are proud of this country. Well we have its shortcoming, and unless we decide to give up our citizenship, we should take pride and contribute to its well being. By the way the "Tax Man (LHDN)" are ready to accept your tax return do not forget to do your duty, if not the onus is on you.
For a small country with a small population, actually its quite difficult to compete with the giants, be it the US, Russia, China, India or the EU countries. However, there are a few, maybe more than just a few whose economy and success are much much better tthan us. Why ???
Once we are world's largest producer of tin, rubber and palm oil, are we still???
Even in manufacturing, if am not mistaken National now Panasonic (Matshushita Air Condition Group) was no 2 going to be no 1. Now they moved some of their production to China as they close some of their factory here.
Like it or not, Petronas Twin Tower was the tallest in the world until taken over by Taipei 101 or is it Taiwan 101. BUT ... probably is still the tallest TWIN tower.
So what will make US great?
Think of Malaysia what actually comes to mind???
The ...
NATURE ( Jungles, Flora & Fauna, Beaches, Highlands),
or maybe POLITICS !!!

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