Monday, May 10, 2010

Good Start ....

Thomas & Uber Cup 2010
Our National Men Team, wins their 1st game due to a walkover, as the Nigerian Team did not show up. Well for all it is worth, a win is a win, and next is Japan.
In the Star today, National chief coach Rashid Sidek said that they chose to field their best instead of reserves because they wanted a good "warm up" for the players ahead of the tie against Japan tomorrow. "But this did not happen for us today. We will make up by having a good training session tomorrow." he said.
"Too many days without a match is no good for the players, We will keep them on their toes and be ready for the tie against Japan."
Well they better, hopefully that guy who match Lee Chong Wei during the All England Finals early this year did not get any better. We want the Cup to stay here in Malaysia, if not both, at least the Thomas Cup.
also in the Star today:-
16,000 VOTERS COST TORIES CLEAR WIN, say analyst.
LONDON : Britains Coservaties would have won a parliamentary majority had just 16,000 people in 19 constituencies voted differently, experts said as they analysed the election results.
Thursday's vote delivered the first hung parliament in Britain since 1974, putting the first-past-the-post system in the spotlight. Despite a strong performance at the polls, getting more than two million more votes than Labour with 10.7 million votes, the Tories came out 20 seats short of getting an overall majority in the House of Commons.
Conservatives Leader David Cameron "came so near yet so far," said experts Colin Ralings and Micheal Thrasher, the directors of the election centrte at Plymouth University in southwest England, yesterday. "Just 16,000 extra votes for the Tories, distributed in the 19 constituencies in which the party came closest to winning, would have spared us a weekend of negotiation and speculation," they wrote in The Sunday Times nespaper.
"The result shows that it is the Labour which continues to benefit mostly from a 'biased' electoral system, winning inner-city seats with relatively small electorates and constituencies with lower turnout," they said. - AFP
Now how interesting, sounds familiar somehow ... what do you think!
As more talks takes place, the Kingmaker seems to be Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg. He shall be the one who actually holds the trump card as who shall be the next Prime Minister of the UK. Imagine a party with only 57 seats decides the goverment. Of the 650 seats, Labour only manage to secure 258 seats as the balance goes to smaller parties.
So bye bye ... I think to Mr Brown.
So as for us here in Malaysia my reminder to our 222 MP's ... should you feel that you can still contribute please do what you were paid to do ... represent us well.
Only +- 1000 days to go.

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