Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We beat the U.S.A

And it is Malaysia = 5, U.S.A = 0.

Well its our ladies and its Badminton, The Uber Cup 2010. Not so many sports that we can even come close, but as I've always believed, you need to excel at sports that you have the chance. However, enough of that because the Superpower of ladies Badminton actually are China, Indonesia, Denmark and England.

Anyway, others are catching up, and before you know it the other countries will be at your heels. Just look at South Korea. They are now doing so very well in Football, Hockey, Badminton, when once we were the master.

And coming to that, I also would like to say ... no politics in sports. Lets support but don't try to take advantage of sports for political gain.

Enough is enough.

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