Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Economic Model - NEM

Just came back from attending MPC's launching of the 2009 Productivity Report and Productivity Award, and a presentation by Dato' Dr Mahani Zainal abidin, member of NEAC and CEO of ISIS. The MITI Minister and his Deputy were there, the lunch was good, maybe because it was sponsored by MPC. Ok it taste good nonetheless.

This is my first direct exposure of the NEM, other than what I read in the papers or heard in the news. Well it is "a framework" if I understood correctly. The presentation is suppose to be on the MPC website, however yet to be able to download it.

By 2020 the target is our average income should be US15,000 - US20,000, which if calculated at just US1/RM3, it should be RM45,000 - RM60,000 per annum from presently US7,000 (RM21,000).

And that is assuming that a growth of an average 6.5% per year.

I am not going to go into it, but of all the points raised during the presentation, my focus was at the fact that 80% of our workforce have only SPM or secondary school education. Now what does that show?

What if I say, our education system had been compromised. At the whims and fancies of the politician, we change our education policy, taking just language as a point to note.

English or BM, BM or English and or .... it seems never ending.

Need to admit though, my English is not good, but its better than most people and I go to school way back in the 70's. I wonder how actually will our children cope if we allow this people (who probably send their children to private/international school, or overseas, or worst still do not even have any school going children).

As the Dr Mahani compared our skilled workforce with the other countries, especially our Asian neighbours ... seriously we should be worried.

This is the 1st phase of the NEM, now not sure when is the 2nd phase, but seriously, I do not see anything that can bring us to US15-20K within the next 10 years.

Will it persuade the rakyat within the next 1034 days ???

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